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Solidarity Kitchen: Fundraising for Local Anti-Racist Activism


Solidarity Kitchen is a fundraiser event series at Sari-Sari. This evening’s donations go to local anti-racist activism in Berlin.

Come by from 6:30-9:30 for dinner, desert and drinks. We will be serving food on the go and there will also be little areas outside to eat (with distancing of course). All food will be vegan.

For this event all money will be donated to the following group:

– Bund für Antidiskriminierung- und Bildungsarbeit e.V.

Since 1996 BDB e.V. has set itself the goal of overcoming the exclusion and discrimination of so-called “minorities” in society. The focus here is on working against racism / ethnic discrimination. We would like to promote consciousness and awareness for the topics of discrimination and racism in society and advocate equality in different places. We want to support those people most affected by racism to become empowered in dealing the racism they deal with day-to-day and to overcome the hurdles for equal participation in society and politics.

We see our work for a just and respectful coexistence as a contribution to a peaceful and enriched society. We work to prevent racism and other forms of discrimination in response to specific cases of discrimination, but also to prevent discrimination more generally, for example through awareness-building and demands for greater equality in legislation and institutional structures.

You can read more about police and prision abolition here,
– What would no new jails actually look like?
– The End of Policing (free e-book with email sign-up

If you would like to help organize or cook for future solidarity kitchens get in touch.