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Raíces-Rotas EP // LaLove’s Kitchen: Latin-Midweek Drama Recipes

+++ We serve up Full Course Menúx of Roots-Oriented Entrees, Main Dish, Dessert + Digestive, along the way with locally made Beers and picosxs House Drinks.

+++ Please Notice: our Full Course Menúx is settled for approx. 35 people. You can check in for dinner in advance by clicking on “Reserve your spot” in the Event Header.

+++ Our doors are opened for access to spontaneous fellow guests.

+++ The Performance unfolds spontaneously from Co-Cooking Rituals to Latin-Fashion Dining Fest, including Live Musical and Spoken-Word Acts, as well as Heart-and-Body Warming Music and Freewheeling Dance Sessions.

Lalo Gomes Gomes aka LaLove and his collaborative team La❤️’s Kitchen create a total Latino experience that celebrate aspects, forms and expressions of Drama, from its wide-range Latinx contexts.

The work manifests in-situ through dining-performance and affective-physical recipes.
They called it a micro latin-gard territory, a cross-cultural cookfire forum, a real-time healing justice encounter.

Since they began to work together in 2019, La❤️’s Kitchen team have been on to mount seven performances during two seasons, being part of the special house program of Sari-Sari and a sister project of Nowhere Kitchen. MORE IN DETAILS


The forthcoming episode, entitled Raíces-Rotas”, is about what everyone was waiting for: La❤️’s Kitchen goes Brazilian! featuring special guest, the moderately acclaimed performance artist, Pêdra Costa. A dramatically unconventional evening looking for common roots, missing identities and parallel disasters. For all those who know whay we mean, forget it; such mix is not imagine!

“La❤️’s Kitchen: Raíces Rotas EP” is curated, organized and directed by: Lalo Gomes. Co-host: Yaknel Elorza (Harriet Charles). Cook chief: Emilio Cordero. Artist-Cook-Guest: Pêdra Costa. With the special musical company of: Eurico Ferreira Mathias.

Event Photo: Vanessa Marino.