lichtenrader 49, 12049 berlin
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Empathy Supper February 2020: How far can you trust your senses?

Is our experience and understanding of reality is shaped by how we perceive our environment through our senses? How far can we trust our senses when we enter a completely new environment and some of our senses are muted? What if someday we have to live our life in this environment? Would our senses adapt or break instead? What would happen if you could eat the light? How does it taste?

Our focus artist Nindya Nareswari invites the participants to experience and play with perception, senses and space through her magic light works and our culinary synthesis.

About the artist
Nindya Nareswari is a lighting designer and artist based in Berlin. Her work ranges from light objects and sculptures, visual arts, to set and stage lighting design, and light art installations.
Light, materials, and experience have always been the core keys in her works. She is passionate in experimentation with light and materials to study various light effects on different materials. Her works focus on creating an emotional and interactive experience for the audience.


Empathy Supper is a performative event incorporating art and culinary experience taking place every two months in different venues in Berlin with the goal of provoking a discussion about the exploration and expression of identity. Every edition features a collaboration with a focus artist from different discipline and background which results in unconventional, unforeseeable, always-changing performances. Soydivision Berlin aims to explore all possible permutations; mixing, matching, amplifying, reducing in a performative as well as culinary context, ultimately translating their events into an interface for experimentations in the hope that it will help make sense of the environment we live in.


Lichtenrader Str. 49, 12049 Berlin
Focus Artist : Nindya Nareswari
Advance RSVP required via
Suggested donation 33€

** We strive to make our supper available for everyone, but at the same time we do need to cover the costs for organising, cooking, performing and renting. We offer special prices for students, artists and non-workers; send us proof that you qualify for our discount and we’re more than happy to accommodate you!