lichtenrader 49, 12049 berlin
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Bibit-Bebet-Bobot : Vernissage!

Bibit, Bebet, Bobot
A group exhibition by Soydivision Berlin
Cindy Putri Irma FS Nindya Nareswari Asarela Orchidia Dewi Ariel William OrahGhaliz Filkhair Haris OQ Rru Gugi Aus Gummiland Jan_K, Bilawa Ade respati —-
16. – 23. February 2020

Vernissage : 16 February from 18:30
> Film screening by Asarela Orchidia Dewi Tanya Gryn
> Sonic presentation by OKNUM ( Ariel William Orah & Bilawa Ade Respati) feat : Ghaliz Filkhair Haris
> Exotic casual bites and drinks by Soydivision
> Free entry with donation

Sari Sari
Lichtenraderstraße 49
12049 Berlin


Bibit; literal translation: seed. In the context of the Javanese courtship this refers to someone’s background, both genetically and societally.

Bebet; literal translation: pedigree. In the context of the Javanese courtship this refers to rank or status, usually in terms of appearance and material possessions.

Bobot: literal translation: weight. In the context of the Javanese courtship this refers to the inner quality of a person.

In the Javanese culture “bibit, bebet, bobot” are the three things to look out for in choosing a life partner or—harking back to the traditional Javanese method of courtship—an in-law.

“Bibit, bebet, bobot!” said the worried parents at the penultimate moment leading up to their indefinite (or maybe also finite) separation with their grown-up sons or daughters. To this their offsprings react only with a dismissive wave of the hand, unremarkable in its flippancy: a product of youthful optimism and the determination to map out a life on their own term. Like many things in life, old fashioned or not, these words will, at some point, ring true and show their relevance in wholly different contexts.

The first exhibition by Soydivision is a showcase of young Indonesian artists based, barring a few exceptions, in Berlin. These are artists from different backgrounds who work with different mediums. They have found their own language and are looking to expand it. This results in a body of work that feels raw in virtue of their restlessness and fresh in virtue of their enthusiasm. These are works still in a state of flux, informed by their Asian background in general, and Indonesian heritage in particular. At the same time, they are also being influenced by the interconnection of our modern times, and the unique environment provided by Europe and Berlin in particular. These are artists in the process of being true to themselves, striving to express who and what they are.

Soydivision’s move to Sari Sari is a crucial step to fulfill one of its core goals: to provide a platform on which up and coming artists could present their works. In particular, Soydivision looks to provide a safe space where everyone could explore and express themselves and ultimately grow to become mature artists and human beings capable of fulfilling their visions. By staging this exhibition the young artist (bibit) will be able to show both themself and their work (bebet) while staying true to their inner value and vision (bobot).

Text: Jan Thedja