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Compassionate Communication Workshop


8.12.19 10AM – 5PM

How can we develop the skills to maintain connection and compassion, when we are tempted to turn away?
How can we foster meaningful connection based on mutual understanding and empathy?
How can we move away from blame and judgment, and towards compassion, celebration, and collaboration?
How can we create a sense of belonging together?

I’m very grateful to be offering this introductory workshop to compassionate communication, focusing on the skill of Nonviolent Communication.

Throughout this day-long course, we’ll explore the fundamentals of Nonviolent Communication, as well as skills in conflict resolution and self-empathy. By creating a safe space together, we will explore vulnerability in a way that inspires connection, trust and empathy. Through a series of games and exercises, we’ll discover the liberation of self-acceptance, presence within ourselves and with each other, and empathy towards all beings.

Together we will explore:
🌱Making observations without judgement
🌱Tapping into and expressing emotions
🌱Discovering the needs behind our actions
🌱Making clear, achievable requests
🌱Moving away from judgment and towards understanding
🌱Empathic listening

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

About the facilitator:
Jazz Meyer is an open-hearted fellow human, a lover of vulnerability and a perpetual student of the universe. She’s been working with Nonviolent Communication since 2016 and offers workshops in compassionate communication and authentic relating. She’s currently on the path of becoming a certified NVC trainer. You can find out more at

Some words from previous workshop participants:
♥ “Jazz is the one that reconnected my heart with my voice.”
♥ “It was amazing how far away I was from creating a good relation and empathy with others…Thank you for helping me improve as a human being.”
♥ “The day after the class, I was using those tools in my relationship with my partner.”
♥”If you have the opportunity to attend a workshop with her, go for it, it will help you a lot in your daily life! “

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

The details:

✨When: 10am – 5pm, Sunday December 8th

✨Where: Sari-Sari, Lichtenrader Strasse 49, Berlin

✨Language: English

✨Contribution: Sliding scale 35-90€, pay according to your means.

✨To register, please fill out this registration form:

Please arrive at least 15 minutes early to allow us to start on time.

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If you struggle to contribute the minimum amount but still feel that NVC would be valuable to you, please contact me. I want NVC to be available to everybody, regardless of financial means.