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LaLove’s Kitchen: Latin Midweek-Drama Recipes // Extra Evening

We serve heartwarming food and house drinks alongside with dramatic improvisations, musical acts, open debates and storytelling at the table.

+++ Pre-registration is open. Please find “Reserve your spot” button in the event header or email to

+++ For spontaneous fellow guest: there will also be regular access the event date.


La❤️´s Kitchen: Latin Midweek-Drama Recipes is a sequel of “Love Kollaps”, a Berlin´s Performative Telenovela played in 2014 by Venezuelan artist Lalo Gomes.

This time, Lalo Gome´s alterego Telenovela protagonist, aka “LaLove”, reappears in this new performance series in community theater context, hosting a monthly socio-dramatic cooking show dedicated to and then redeem the Latin Drama through cross-border culinary practices, stimulating conversations, and dramatic rituals.

During this EXTRA EVENING, LaLove, together with two other Venezuelan beauty Danielle Taboga, aka Aérea Negrot, and Yaknel Elorza, will share insights on “Which are the SECRETS to cook a good Latin Drama”. This trio is one for the books. More dramatic and delicious than this, it´s not possible.