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Sari-Sari Climate Café

From permaculture, to making your own cleaning supplies, to using our bodies to block coal infrastructure as a form of non-violent direct action, this November 12th will be the first Sari-Sari Climate Café, a monthly gathering for eating together, knowledge exchange, and ecological care and activism in its many forms.

After dinner, each month, there will be some type of ecology or activism-related workshop, presentation or performance. This is a chance to share what we are working on, learn about upcoming actions (with Ende Gelände, Extinction Rebellion and other groups), and form affinity groups to plan our own actions.

This event is open to people who just want to come eat and talk, people who want to find new forms of action, people who want to live with greater care for the earth, people who know that the supply chain has blood on its hands, people with optimism and without. This is a space for healing and organizing.


– 17:00 cook together with those who would like to help cook (or you can just come for dinner later)
– 19:30 dinner served on a donation-basis
– 20:00 introduction, cross-pollination, different things depending on the day

Dinner will be served on a donation-basis starting at 19:30.
You can come by for any part or the whole time.


Have an ecology or climate-related project, talk, workshop or performance that you would like to present?