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Radical Summer Reading

there we go again – reading group and community dinner

emergency is everywhere and we need strategies!!!
we need to get together!! do somethings! think! read! respond!

What do you read when you’re feeling low? Who do you turn to for that spark in the dark? What inspires you to keep moving?

“It is so important that we fight for the future, get into the game, get dirty, get experimental.”*

woym is starting a 》》non linear 《《 reading group and there is no curriculum. Come with your self and your book of the moment and let’s share and talk strategies for the future.

woym is currently reading
*by Adrienne Maree Brown.

You can read along with us or you can present the book (text/work/artpiece/music) that gives you that drive. By freeing ourselves from a set text we learn more from eachother by sharing what we are passionate about. If someone shares something that inflames you, you have a whole new world to explore.

After the group we will go into our usual monthly community dinner. By asking ‘what’s on your mind?’ these dinners act as an open table for conversations that will form a 》》cross dimensional 《《 programme of events for future learning.

*a feeling shared to us by Sara Ahmed at a recent talk at HAU

Alternative education and continuous conversation is at the centre of woym. The question of learning and what we all have to offer is what shapes us.