lichtenrader 49, 12049 berlin
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Who Wants A Ride On A Camel With Anali Goldberg?


A politicly-incorrect queer futuristic live performance.

An intergalactic, psychoanal, bipolar journey, on waves of cosmic sperm, that rides a double-humped missile, traversing an infinite expanse of dark matter, in search of a black hole to penetrate, and some non-intelligent life-forms to fuck.

An anti-Israeli, pro-German co-production. A mad dash that shakes off any attempts at definitions such as gender, identity, and nationality, using forbidden poems, actions and taboos, that penetrate the heArt of our sexuality, violence and madness.

The infamous hyper-sexualized psychoanalyst of Berlin club scene, ANALI GOLDBERG, hosts THE CAMEL – her gender-fluid, witch-prophet Israeli nephew. Their frantic, poetic dialogue is performed to the sound of mesmerizing live music, and trash-punk designs.

For the first time on German land, the last CAMEL of the Middle East and his local aunt – ANALI GOLBERG, will perform an anti national auction of all what is left between the two nations.

Anali Goldberg – the psychoanalyst-whore, the biggest Jewish bitch of Berlin, the subhuman cum-machine, the author of the bestselling trilogy: “Anal”, “Double-Anal,” and “Triple-Anal,” the long-distance, sexual priestess who specializes in 30+, will try to fuck her nephew from the Holy Land, the CAMEL- the erotic nightmare of the Zionist regime, the beast that is the man that is the monster that is the terrorist, accused of defacing the symbols of the State, of indecent acts in public, of disturbing the peace, of harassment, of indecent exposure and inducing public panic.

You’ll get all this in a show where racism, homophobia, violence and incest are the new politically correct, and everyone is party to the crime.

Open doors 21:00
Start 22:00
Entry 7 ?

THE CAMEL- Ariel Bronz
Design- Idit Herman
Live electronic music- Sh Se vs. Stom Tom
Graphic design- Matan Shalita
Photo- Sasha Eidelman
Edit- Noah Beninga