lichtenrader 49, 12049 berlin
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Sari Sangha


Sari Sangha meets bi-weekly and is open to anyone.
18:30 doors open, around 19:00 meditation starts, around 20:00 we eat together

What is sangha?

Sangha is a group of friends who are helping each other and practice together.
Sari Sangha is a monthly meditation group that meets at sari-sari and is open to anyone.
The type of meditation we do depends on who is there and what everyone would like to do on that day. Some forms of introspective practice include:
– heart-centered meditation
– pranayama and breathwork
– chanting and singing
– prayer

We are open to all faiths or none. We seek to create a space that is supportive and open to plurality. You do not need to have experience meditating. “My commitment is to truth, not to consistency.” – Gandhi

€5 suggested donation for dinner and use of the space.

Please bring your own blanket and cushion if you have one (it’s okay if you don’t).