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Physical Play : FLASH movement workshop

We are hosting an open workshop in Templehofer Feld to celebrate and challenge our brains and bodies together through play. We will engage in everything from large group games with a series of rules and structures, to abstract physical movements using props that create physical limitations. We will engage in games of trust, exercises in collaboration, and consenting contact with others.

We are interested in pushing the boundaries of what games are, and in doing so rejuvenating an existence with play. The workshop will create a space where we will introduce sets of rules (games) and in both large and small groups begin to deconstruct those rules by creating choreographed performances and physical sculptures with our bodies. We aim to expand the idea of how to engage with objects, and push our physical boundaries, resulting in physical “performances” and “sculptures”.

For this workshop we are inspired specifically by the human sculptures of Erwin Wurm, various mediums of modern circus; like clowning, acrobatics, object manipulation, and Franz West’s adaptives, and the Bauhaus triadsishe ballet.

Our meeting place will be Sari Sari, then we will go to Tempelhofer Feld together.

* This event is part of the wider FLASH Palace : in city residency program from the 4th – 7th of July, Berlin