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Funky & Fermy : FLASH Fermentation Workshop

Fermentation is used to create many of our favourite foods from soy-sauce to beer and wine to krauts and pickles. These days when people hear the word ‘fermented’ they often misunderstand it to mean bad or rotten. Thoughts of promoting the cultivation of bacteria cultures in our food are met with disgust. These misunderstandings about how food and microbes interact are a sign of our disconnection with the processes around food.

This workshop will teach people some basic do it yourself fermentation techniques which will allow participants to transform and preserve food in order to discover a whole new range of flavours and food preparation methods.

Another aspect the workshop will cover is fermentation as a tool to promote a healthy mind. By creating a new relationship with time and preparing food we can disconnect the ‘i’m hungry – I need to eat’ impulse. Our food preparing becomes a gift for a future version of ourselves, and great pleasure can come from the act of waiting (days, weeks, months, even years) for our food to become ready to eat and share.

The workshop will take three hours. It will start at 13:00 with a trip to the market at Maybach Ufer (East Side!) where participants will select different vegetables and fruit they wish to experiment with. We will then head to the kitchen at Sari-Sari in Neukoln to play with our new friends.

It is important that people BRING THEIR OWN JARS. The best are mason jars that can be sealed airtight. I will bring a few extra that people can buy off me, but best is you bring your own.

* This event is part of the wider FLASH Palace : in city residency program from the 4th – 7th of July, Berlin