lichtenrader 49, 12049 berlin
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Subtle Sounds: Live ASMR Workshop


Location: Sari-Sari (49 Licthenrader Straße).

Dinner at 19:00
Workshop begins at 20:00 and goes to 22:00+

You can join for dinner or just come for the workshop and stay as long or as short as you like (its an open format).
Donation basis.


Sometimes it seems like we follow louder and louder sounds looking for excitement, literally and metaphorically.

This Thursday at Sari Sari is an exploration of soft sounds, between friends and lovers.

wind chimes, hair combs, reading out loud, the sound of pages turning, fabric rustling

Instead of turning up the volume, we will listen closely and make sound performances for each other using household objects inspired by ASMR (if you haven’t heard of ASMR before it’s not a problem, no experience is necessary and this workshop is for anyone who is curious).

Performing small sound performances close to the ears can be intimate and consent is necessary. Depending on the sounds, the people, and the nature of the performance, it can be funny, beautiful, friendly, erotic or a little of everything.

For this workshop there is no requirement that you perform or listen, it will be an open format where we bring objects to make sounds with, and you can explore making sounds for yourself, or invite someone else to perform and explore together. You are welcome to come on your own or bring friends.


Here is an example of an ASMR performance recorded on youtube:

According to Wikipedia, ASMR signifies the subjective experience of “low-grade euphoria” characterized by “a combination of positive feelings and a distinct static-like tingling sensation on the skin”. It is most commonly triggered by specific auditory or visual stimuli.

You can find thousands of videos on Youtube of people performing small sounds for their microphone.

There is a specific tingling that many people feel from listening to these sounds, but there is also a general curiosity and joy that can be experienced from these small sounds even without an “ASMR-response”. Maybe you will find specific sounds you like or find that you have an ASMR-response.


Also please bring any objects/instruments that you think might make an interesting sound or sensation.