lichtenrader 49, 12049 berlin
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Living Room Sessions presents: NÓZ

As the leaves fall and our hearts are taken by the blues and the beauty of this season… we invite you to come fill your heart with the music of NÓZ and your soul with food done by Renata Helm from Chicas Sin Carne Berlin.

FOOD starts at 17h.
CONCERT starts at 19:30h.

NÓZ is the music of two that is also one.
Two countries, one language, two hearts, one love. The project combines Brazilian and Portuguese music, while exploring the creative possibilities of intimate connections.
NÓZ is:
Anaïs Thinon – Voice and Synthesizer
Filipe Jahn – Guitar
Joaquin Castillo – Bass
Camilo Zamora – Percussion


Your donations will support our work, the musicians and to keep our space alive and well. We will have an intimate room full of sounds and smells and hopes and love.
Spots Limited!