lichtenrader 49, 12049 berlin
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Wasser – Sebastian Diaz Rovano


“Water is a sensitive chaos” Novalis.

“Water as a mirror and darkness, as exterior and interior, as now and becoming.
Possible human movements slowed by the viscous matter of water.
Murmur, heat and cold, all this reminds me of the inevitable” Sebastián Diaz Rovano.

The chilean Artist Sebastian Diaz Rovano explore diferent way to expresion (watercolours, videos, Performance,etc), even though his natural lenguaje is paint, he have an hetereogenous biography. Is formed as Architect in Chile then has studied Film in Italy and finally Antropology.

“I fervently believe in the revolution, not as modern parricide, but rather as a surplus of meaning.”

Music by the Chilean band “Herbstsonne” will liven up the evening.

As always we will delight with nice food and drinks.

free entrance