lichtenrader 49, 12049 berlin
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Sari-Sari Still here birthday time!

We are artists in Berlin, sometimes broken but always rich in creativity, friends and infinite sexyness.

We invite you all to celebrate a whole day of serendipities with a bit of all that we can offer to you. Collectively giving you our services in food and hosting care but also some hidden sides from us.

If you don’t know what sari sari is until now, thats your chance to look around and let us show you all we got. We have different sides, we are here to boil this city, fry the people, bake the neighbours, dry it on Tempelhof, cool it on the keller, freeze our minds and ferment Berlin.

Every hour we will have a different activities, from music, poetry, a new exhibition, dance and things that we still don’t know but that for sure we will discover and collaborate together.

we will collect donations to make our adorable space better for our community…bring your friends.