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My Name is Not MIC !

∞∞∞§∞∞∞§∞∞ MY NAME IS NOT MIC ! ∞∞§∞∞∞§∞∞∞

Sari Sari opens finally it`s open mic season. Of course there will be food. And of course there will be something unconventional about it, as we like to draw always a bit outside the lines.

In this open mic you will fall in love not only with the singers but also with the lyrics of the songs.
If you speak Indonesian. Or Spanish. Or Portuguese. Or Tagalog. Or Italian. Or Japanese. Or Esperanto. Anything BUT English.

Yes, here it will be only allowed to sing NOT in English.

So, if you are maybe tired of listening to everybody always singing in this lovely language that connects many of us now in this text – and specially in this city – come to our cozy living room where we will create a space for travelling through emotions and melodies in new phonemes and prosodies.

We will make it every other week and will always count with a special guest for each edition. As performers arrive we will fill in the plots of the night – each one can play till 3 songs. Our limit is the time frame established by our neighborhood – 22pm. Unless we are playing in the Keller…

\\\ This second editions special guest is YOU ♥ ///

Please share with us that song in Japanese that your dad used to sing for you. Or that Russian poem that your grandma used to recite for you before sleep. Or that french lullaby.
You will have a stage, microphones, Guitar, Fender Rhodes, Bass and some percussion. Also some colorful lights.

We are hungry for new sounds and sharing them.

Please, also come hungry for delicious vegan food that Dan Timm and Cristobal Rey – the hosts of the night – will be serving you.

We start at 19h ♥

Bring your guitar or any other instrument to plug in!!!