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Jangada : Cristobal Rey Photo Exhibition – Food & Music

We invite you gladly for the finissage of

24.3 – 22-4
diapositive, negative and BW 35mm film.

In the northern region of Brazil, the traditional wooden fishing boat called, “Jangada”, sets sail with the sunrise. A long-enduring day is in front to feed the wind that pushes the sail towards the unknown. The spirit is calm and quiet, as the infinite opens, and an ocean of landscapes emerge to dive in to. Something inside of me opens with it.

My camera is my Jangada, and these people are the ocean that take me for a ride. I sail to the drift, fulfilled by the surrounding scenes, faces, bodies, music, tastes and words – poetic simplicity – the richness of warm-hearted people that really know how to share, how to dance, the eternal wonderers. A smile that surrenders to the moment.

A tiny space of time embraces the whole. Sacred and profane weave together celebrating existence; Bahia, once again, takes me into the deep feeling of trust, my biggest achievement, and my daily challenge. Bahia, my dear, your explosive beauty awakes beauty inside, and the memories will last a lifetime, to unfold
new learnings when we are back on land, until the next Jangada departs.


A night with food and music.

Concert by Dan Timm & Cristobal Rey