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Seaweed Sonntags #3 – Ambient social for sun-deprived organisms

It is time to re-charge our batteries and photosynthesise before spring hits us. This time 5 special guests and the Seaweed residents are waiting for you with the wavey vibes.

As usual, the Sari-Sari resident Dan Timm Timm will offer a restorative FEIJOADA with a SEAWEED surprise from 14h – 18h.

Line up:

Ab uno (live)

Asio otus (live)

ateuqram (live)

The Stanley Maneuver (live)

Zen Xen & Arad Acid (hybrid dj set)

dj laktosefrei (dj)

edithhhhh (dj)


Donations welcomed for the music – 3-7€

s/o to Márton Tóth aka Asio otus for the flyer design