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Seaweed Sonntags #2 – Ambient social for sun-deprived organisms


Our second artificial sound- and sunbathing session is about to happen on the last Sunday of January. All the seaweed regulars plus 2 special guests playing live. Trust us it’s gonna be a good one.
Come and join us, enjoy the stress reducing plants, immune system supporting artificial sunlight and the wavey vibes. Beat your winter blues with our warming vibes and food.

Just as last time, the Sari-Sari resident Dan Timm will offer a restorative FEIJOADA with a SEAWEED surprise from 14h – 17h. Portions for medium and big hunger – 7euro / 9euro. Besides the usual bar, Caipirinha will also be there for the sun-deprived thirsty people.

Line Up:

Davide Luciani (live)

“©©” (live – ambient set)

The Seaweed Crew:

dj laktosefrei


Donations welcomed for the music – from 3€

s/o to Márton Tóth for the flyer design