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A cleany cleany, tidy tidy 2018!

Dear friends,

It’s a new year. Before we fully jump off into the sunny horizon, we take a small pause to thank the serendipities of what came past. In every work of improvisation (or in every work for that matter), there is the time to clean. It was a fiery year before, hence a time to digest its lessons and celebrate what is left. What seemed impossible and superfluous then is a now a work in progress.

It is also the time to thank everyone who participated in the cooking process of a Sari-Sari community, to those who loved and were loved. To those who presented and dared, and to those who were fed and fed back.

For two days, we clean our home, and we invite you to turn with us this chore into a thanksgiving affair. As always, we activate with rituals of cooking, our salon is open for late breakfast, lunch, tea and early dinner. It’s on the house. Cooking and cleaning are the dances of the day for everyone. New brooms and mops are welcome as gifts. And we will let go of some leftovers we don’t need anymore, who knows, they might be treasures for you. See you tomorrow.

Til then,
Be blessed,

Nowhere Kitchen

Photo: Marie Capesius
‘A Night Sari-Sari Became’
Pepe und Freunde Pop-Up Teehaus
Drumherum, April 2017