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A Cooking Trilogy: The Leftovers

Bring a Leftover, an object that you that you dont need anymore or that you want to let go, as an exchange gift for someone else. ♥

Not since I started to cook with leftovers that I remembered the word that we used in the island. ‘Tada’ is not merely what is leftover to eat, and more the act itself. For the other. In our time, cooking has been reduced to a mere job to mechanize the body and serve overburdened expectations. The body meanwhile repents it and by longing anyways for love. When did it stop for cooking to be an act of love? ‘Tada’ somehow retains it this essence by meaning it as a verb. An act. A thousand acts as reverbs that when performed as rituals instead of tasks, leaves the best leftovers behind. Memorables. Stories to tell. Friends.

Friends made through cooking are friends cooked in fire.

Join me and friends old and new for a last supper before Christmas. This is a reunion of those who took part in the organic process of cooking Sari-Sari. To those who are here. We open the doors to co-cooking from 5pm, and serving from 7pm. In the true spirit of Sari-Sari, we bind cooking with other rituals. A jam. And together with food, we combine eating and drinking with other forms of exchange. The sound of Music. The breath of Plants. And an offering / sale of our leftover arts made out of the longing for home. And, your personal leftover becomes a gift for someone else, and you receive a surprise.

It will be the longest night of the year. Time to make wishes for the coming back of the light. All communes and commons are welcome.


Pepê Dayaw

with Maracujá, Musgo and more friends.

Photo: Marie Capesius, from the Nowhere Kitchen series In Search of Home.