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A Cooking Trilogy: The Fire

Tales About Cooking

The fire is a malevolent force, if not channeled properly, can be destructive. In cooking, the power of fire is imbued with love and respect into a tool to integrate elements together. We are reminded of this, when an uncontrollable emergency like a fire happens that leaves us powerless. Like the one that happened in our building. It’s echo, the smoke became a time of reflection of the heat and warmth that cooking provides. A process. Now there is light and heat again in our salon, and we want to honor the transformative power of cooking to humanly intervene with elements, sensations of the limits to turn them into nourishments. Precarious times like cooking is the best school of why and what we celebrate. The reverberation of bodies with fire, water, earth, air and the improvised into culture, the food made by and fore the constant reminder of our humanity. It is still the best activism there is: to truly eat, drink and be merry, while remembering why.

This night is how we remember. Reverbe….

Let’s celebrate. Meeting place at Nowhere Kitchen. Join us cooking at 5pm, bring your leftovers, and serve, eat, drink, cleanse with us from 7pm.

A donation of 7 euros covers the rent, utilities of the space, and if many would partake this dinner, covers the time of the cooks as well. ♥

Photo: Marie Capesius