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What’s Cooking Pilipinas?

A handaan. Gathering Filipino style. Long journeys, sighs of relief. Nostalgia and search of home where the heart is. Ironic happiness. Colonial love stories. Emotional labors. Re-encounters. Malinamnam na Kasaysayan. Delicious histories. A potpourri of music. Voices. Community. Celebration. A Dinner.

The sari-sari menu of food and feelings are being cooked, pinaghahandaan…

Migrant cooking, films, images, words and music:

Pepê Dayaw
Isa Tabasuares
Kay Abaño
Jenny Peñas-Macaraig
Annette Louise Osmeña
Lola Abrera
Trinka Lat
and more to come!
Thank you for your bayanihan spirit!

Nowhere Kitchen serves
Sari-Sari, an assortnment of Filipino style cooking, cooked by many
Small nakakabusog bowl: 7 (suggested donation)
Gutom na gutom: 10 (big plate)
Meateaters and Vegan lovers are welcome.
Financially challenged these days? Let us know and we can exchange food with a little help in the housechores.

And donations for the musicians are very welcome and needed.