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Guiselt’s Balloné Ballhaus

I started connecting with the body at the age of four. The room where I practiced as a child had a very aromatic wooden floor and together with the resin. Living in many countries ,what I bring with me is the act of dancing together with materials, that makes any place home.

This is what Guiselt’s Ballonè Ballhaus is about, working with the ballet base structure to begin with, from there more creative flow combined with objects, such as fruit or any other elements.

1st session 5:00 to 6:00
2nd session 6:00 to 7:00

no experience necessary.

max of 10 people each session.

After the class their would be food and drinks served by
Nowhere Kitchen, the dinner’s theme is What’s Cooking Pilipinas?, a potpourri of food and music for the migrant soul cooked by Filipinos.

Suggested donation: 10 €