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Hot Pot & The Fabulous Baron Munchausen

Sari Sari & Nowhere Kitchen present:
Hot Pot & The Fabulous Baron Munchausen
-czech version with english subtitles-

cooking and screening begins @ 7:00 PM
dinner served @ 8.30 PM (7€ plates)

On this Monday, the eccentric Czech imagination of Karel Zeman encounters Pepe´s dish of home – Sínigang.

Space travelers, sea monsters, and princesses will meet flying boats and giant fishes in this visual master piece of Czech cinematography. Created in 1961 by Karel Zeman, this movie combined live-action and various animation techniques and reached a global audience beyond the iron curtain of the Soviet Union.

Stamps in his passport, encounters with monks and shamans, traveling without money, and with more addresses than his age — Pepe decided that his home would be a dish. The one that his mother always made, Sínigang. A hot sour soup of meat, seasonal leftover vegetables and a souring ingredient.

With a short introduction by Jan Dubsky.

View trailer: