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Living Room presents Tadadadance


Every Thursday evening from October 12, the floors of Sari-Sari has been hosting small dance sessions focused on the limits of improvisation and dance in relation to systems. A wonderful group of dancing bodies converged for two months have been getting to know each other. Each one with unique gifts. Together, we tried to encounter dance in cooking, in the street, in communication, in meditation, in the theatre of everyday life, in our words, and in our own limits. Our last session will be open to the public. The participants: Cami Lako, Joice Biazoto, Luana Madikera, Gabriela Guasti Rocha, Zazie Elyne, Ro Mar, Jo Winter, Daniel Stalter, Robert Pfeiffer, Anna Münz

Living Room became a place where one could shake your feelings away and sweat it out. We’ve been receiving friends who have contributed music and other skills learned by heart to create atmospheres and dialogues. Thank you to Rodrigo da Matta, Odara Sol, Denis Altschul, Luter Filho, Tobias Feltes, MeLê Yamomo, Lívia Delgado, Kotoe Kaschmir, Katharina von Sohlern and many others who have appeared as surprises.

This last session, which opens the day of my birthday, join us and celebrate. Bring your presence. 😀

Rodrigo: Dance is music in the form of body. Being the movement whatever it wants to be. Authentic. No rules. There is no better audience than people willing to dance and totally experiment the impulses we will provide in order to tease you. It can come out of vinyl records, a drum machine, an instrument, a body. We are constantly exchanging energy and it has the power of changing the environment.

Entry is free. You are very welcome to make a donation for our guest musician/s and hosts. As always, food and drinks will be served. You can eat and drink to support the space to pay its rent and sustenance.