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Dance Exchange Limited

‘Limits of Improvisation. Dancing with Systems’


A series of 8 meetings, every Thursday, from October 12.
Multi-disciplinary course on dance and improvisation from the perspective of many frameworks of knowledge.
An invitation to 8 (up to 11) participants who love dancing and have their own questions about it.
Guests from diverse disciplines share experiences, techniques, tools from their own work: poetry, composition, musicology, theatre, architecture and urbanism, advertising and communications, microbiology etc.
Participants come up with concrete missions to accomplish based on their own questions and whatever collective questions that could arise within this timeframe.
The meetings will be hosted by Pepe Dayaw, who has a special intention for this groupwork, which he will share with you during the meetings.
After the meetings, from 9pm onwards, the Living Room will be opened to a bigger public for dancing. Dinner as well will be served.

Is this your thing? Do you want to participate? Send a short message to about how you encountered dance. Or, set up a meeting with Pepe one of these days at Sari-Sari. ♥


Commitment to attend all the meetings (in case not possible, one can miss up to 3 meetings).
A 50 euro ‘investment’ that will be set aside as a pot and the group can decide how to spend it (e.g. to produce something). In case you cannot afford to give this amount, you can also invest something else creative (e.g. your time or skill that can be helpful to the project). We can think of it as a tuition which we ourselves could administer on where it should go.
We ask you to eat and drink at the space, and by paying for it, you help the space to survive and pay its rent.


SESSION #01: Movement Improvisation: Basic Form and Composition in Individual and Group Work
Guest: meLê yamomo

Special requirement for this session:
Participants should bring a change of clothes. During the workshop, participants should wear working clothes that would allow them to move freely. No tight, movement-restricting clothes. There will be floor exercises, so participants should expect their working clothes to get dirty.



Improvisation is not a skill, nor a talent, nor a concrete form of knowledge.
That which cannot be pro-vised is merely a consequence of certain conditions.
In theory, we cannot pre-know. Improvisation is an infinite flow. We merely tap into it.
We can study however the nature of its limits. Cultivate them. Design its conditions.
We can organise them ourselves. Like canalisation. It is a natural human tendency.
Liken it to a cooking process, there are ingredients and a flow of events. A dramaturgy.
There are limits that embrace or caress its flow.
There are limits that oppress it in regimes of fear and excessive control.
Grasp it too much and it will go out of your hands.

Dance is not a profession, nor a special skill that belongs to a certain few.
The capacity to shake one’s body according to its own limits is a built in capacity.
Human life is a complex choreography of movements. Collaborations between organs.
Everyone has or can have their own unique encounter with dance.
It is the perception of dance or dancing that has undergone so many changes
depending on the dominant logic or emerging power structures and systems.
Today, dance is a skill that has its own workshop, a job that has its own showroom,
a form of knowledge that has its own school. A discipline almost isolated from others.
A mental issue.

I first encountered dance in the carpet of our living room. I was four.
This encounter was a product of a decision that I myself made.
It came from an innocent curiosity that emerged into desire.
Desire that crystallised into a motivation to realise an intention.
A box of dreams were awakened.

This is a workshop for those who love dancing, and have encountered it in their special way.
For those who operate their bodies with specific questions or longings.
In these meetings, we ask together and individual, how do I wanna dance in the world?
A simple questions that has diverse answers.
— Pepe Dayaw, host