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Feijoada no Sari-Sari #02

For making FEIJOADA we need to gather all the left overs that are hidden inside our emotional refrigerators and slow cook them with black beans. Then we add some smoked friends marinated in CACHAÇA cocktails, sprinkle some spicy brazilian tunes and serve it around an island of rice with a FAROFA shore. While eating it we share our forgotten stories and remember how fare we have eaten this year already.


Danilo Timm will make an acoustic concert at 17h – #donatefromtheheart

Part of Sari-Sari Express program.

Feijoada for meat eaters and vegan lovers, big or small hunger. All prepared with love and nostalgia specially for you.


Bowl Portion – 7€

“Prato Feito” 10€