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Feijoada no Sari Sari


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Finally the time for the traditional Brazilian FEIJOADA has come again… It`s been a while since the last time we did it, it was still at AGORA`s Cafe, when we where doing “Cozinha” in late 2016.

Now we have a new space and a lot of possibilities. On Saturday Pepe Serves Lunch (All Day) is bringing us to the Philippines through our bellies and soul.

On Sunday Dan Timm will take us to Brazil, and the plan is to serve:

˚ Feijoada – Black beans stew with mixed meat /or roasted veggies;
˚ Farofa – Casava roasted flower with eggs and banana;
˚ Vinagrette sauce;
˚ White Rice;
˚ “Couve” – Kohlrabi leaves stir fried with garlic;
˚ Fresh Oranges;
˚ Cachaça shot / Lime Caipirinha;
˚ Brazilian live music ♥

Bring the family and enjoy our opened living room with the topicality of the beautiful plants brought by Musgo®


Feijoada Veggie – 7 euro
+ Cachaça shot – 8 euro
Feijoada Meat – 9 euro
+ Cachaça shot – 10 euro
Caipirinha – 5 euro
Cachaça shot – 2,5 euro

† Music on donation †


In the past few weeks, we have been warming up a new / old space for us. What used to be the home of our friends from Drumherum collective is now in its new cycle of life, as Sari-Sari, brought to you by Pepe und Freunde. We started the space almost empty and it has been taking shape as we breathe new dreams and intentions to it.

What is Sari-Sari? How is it gonna be used? Is it gonna be a restaurant? A studio? A place for meetings? Drop by this weekend to find out yourself! There will be food cooking the whole afternoon. And we will announce some of the events we already have lined up for the season. You can ask Pepe by what he means of ‘an economy of friendship’. :)))


Pepe is also auctioning 8 editions of handmade bags from Catanduanes, the birthplace of his mother, and scene to many of his childhood memories.

Beautiful plants as well for sale from Musgo ®