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Sarong Banggi

Dear Friends,

It’s time to celebrate. I have some good news. And a wish.

My living room is open. Come celebrate with me the gentle opening of a new/old space for us. Sari-Sari. It has stories, used to be the home of friends from the Drumherum collective and witness to many beautiful encounters. It’s a new season. Time to cook new serendipities. A house of improvisation. A meeting place. You’re event. Here at Sari-Sari.

When I cooked a one-month pop-up last April (Pepe und Freunde) at the then Drumherum space, I reconnected with an old friend Mele Yamomo and we started playing and singing songs there. A project was born and its now on its early stages of development. We selected a few Filipino songs to sing for you this evening, with Mele on the piano. A conversation about big and small histories. Sari-Sari.

It’s my mom’s birthday, and while she could not be with me at this time, I want to celebrate it by cooking for you. I hope I could bring her here soon. A midweek special. Dinner. My friend and cooking pattner Danilo Timm will be my guest cook. Sari-Sari

I received my residence permit from Deutschland. 5 years. Time to plan. First, let’s celebrate. I want to thank everyone who helped me in this ‘visa situation’, you know how it feels.

The house is empty. It needs warmth and… perhaps some things that you might have and offer as housewarming gift. Lights, chairs, vessels, rugs, anything that can warm a home.

Every Thursday, I host a dance and cooking exchange. Open for everyone who wants to learn or share a lesson or two in movement, improvisation and other forms of practices.
Every Friday, Danilo Timm hosts a choir rehearsal. Open for everyone.

The banquet will be offered on donation, you give whatever you want (we suggest 5 euros). Drinks for 2 euros (tips welcome). Whatever we receive goes to the space and its basic maintenance and sustenance of its vibe.

* Sarong Banggi = ‘one night’, Bikol language (Pepe’s mother’s mother tongue).

**Sari-Sari = ‘many things’, Tagalog language.