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Pop-up Closing / Fiesta Filipina

Time flies. The month is almost finished. And everyday passes by like a film. Each person who walked into and out of that door became a character, every cooking became an episode, with highs and lows. Daily states of emergency translated into meals, celebrations, cleanings, singings, dancings, improvisings. And we survived.
This is our last week. The beginning of the end, the end of the beginning. To close this cycle with love, we want to celebrate with a simple reunion. All of you who have been part of this history, let’s cook something together once more. Something will be stewing and the rest is story in the making. You know what I mean.
And in every closing, there is some news of a new beginning. Stay tuned.

To begin this day, we learn how to break bricks with our bare hands. We’ll see with Dominik Pfyffer how this could happen by way of Hard Qi Gong (Donation for this for workshop and material: 18€ )

Learn more about your inner strength and possibilities of your focus. IN this 2h workshop you will be guided trouth a meditation and the thaugt in the technique of successfully break a brick. Please bring a a yoga mat, if you have any.

around 21:30pm
To close this evening, my friend Laura Pacheco, dancer extraordinaire will perform something between a tango and flamenco.

Everything in between is up to you and me.
Neighbors are the special guests.