lichtenrader 49, 12049 berlin
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Heimatstube: An Opening

After a few days of improvising with the space, we are learning of its possibilities and limits. We discover the open partitures where there could be flow. We cleaned, we re-arranged, we moved furnitures, we tried things, we did what we wanted, we learn what we dont like, and we cook.

The best way to make something happen is to cook the first ingredient: desire. And from desires, intentions are born, and from intentions, movements. It is in these motions that we encounter home, not in having a space, but in being the space.

‘Heimatstube’ fits our intentions with the space. With any space. To feel at home and to weave its conditions by simply doing it. So that each encounter, could be a family reunion, a constant housewarming process. Because doing one is not enough. We want rhythm.

And so this Thursday, we want to celebrate again. We have new things to show, new practices. Another opening. Let’s have fun!

WHAT: eating, drinking, making music and other acts together
HOW:: improvisation
WHEN: Thursday, from 5pm til around 1am
WHERE: Drumherum, Lichtenrader Strasse 49

There will be affordable food and drinks. There will be people who are excited to perform. And a collective donation to musicians, acts and whoever will be performing is always welcome.