lichtenrader 49, 12049 berlin
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Housewarming and Softopening

In every heimatstube, there is saudade. In every great heimatstube is a housewarming. Come friends and friends of friends and friends of friends of friends for our soft opening. It’s time to tell a story of a special kind of democracy. You know what I mean.

To softly open this charade of spicy histories, I welcome you with slow cookings inspired by my favorite performance artist, my grandmother. Patience. And I am lucky to have the presence of a special guest, one that came out of zufall in the gardens of Tempelhof. He composes through the improvisation of his life story that unfolds each time he sings. A painting of pains and pleasures combined. They mostly come from Salvador. Bahia. His name is Ian Cardoso. The brother of one of my favorite dance artists Mab Cardoso and a friend of favorite DJ from Bahia, Marina Sarno.

We will serve good food, something with peanut sauce, something with a stew, steaming rice and many other surprises from grandmother’s spice memoirs. And there is music. Some friends are coming.

It’s free admission. No Visa required. And you can support the Teehaus by enjoying food and drinks at friendly prices / donations. Nowhere KitchenPepê Dayaw style. Only at Pepe und Freunde.

WHEN: Saturday, April 1st, 12nn – 7pm
WHERE: Drumherum Lichtenrader Strasse 49, very bear Tempelhof entrance.
WHAT: Affordable Filipino-style grandma inspired food and music and good time.